Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Finally Did It!!!

FINALLY!!! I took last Friday off from work to go to the Guide Dogs for the Blind Volunteer Orientation!I have been wanting to participate in a volunteer opportunity for some time, but always had other pressing matters come along which prevented me from doing so in the past. When I had to cancel my last seat in February, I promised myself that I will go to the next one in May. Well, I almost had to cancel this one as well, but I told myself that other matters could wait a day because this is what I really want to do. The orientation didn’t start until 9AM, but I could hardly wait… I got up at the usual time which was 5:30AM and was out the door by 7:30AM. All the while, I couldn’t help smiling all morning… I stopped to get my coffee and started driving out to the Campus which is about 30+ miles from my house. I didn’t mind the drive, it was actually quite nice; weather was even my friend that day.The orientation started promptly at 9AM and it was very informative and educational. We received a full tour of the Campus minus the kennels and in depth knowledge of what Guide Dogs for the Blind is all about.

I cannot even begin to describe my admiration for the organization and the staff who make up this incredible Campus. I am awaiting impatiently to be contacted by the staff to discuss my volunteer opportunity-

I will keep you all posted through my journey at the Guide Dogs for the Blind.