Thursday, June 17, 2010

Almost finished!!!

Remember I said I was going to work on a perfectly sassy gift for my cousin? Alright, alright… I will spill it… It is a purse with adorable wooden handles in this incredible shade of purple by Dream In Color~ Well, I thought I had enough yarn, but ran out simply because I changed my mind at the last second to make my design a little bigger.

So, FINALLY, I made it back to the yarn shop this evening to purchase another skein… only to realize that it is, of course, hand painted and dyed so the colors may vary ever so slightly. In which case, I am supposed to alternate between skeins of yarn to minimize any chance of my creation being noticeably different in their hue… should there be a discrepancy- Only, I have already spent the first skein therefore I am not able to alternate… AHHH…………………….

Oh, well… I actually am not that worried about it because I just know it will be perfect! I try to set a deadline for myself when I am working on a gift piece…

I better get back to my needles~