Friday, May 27, 2011

Another Crazy Day…

I know… I know… It’s Oregon… Still… It’s absolutely ridiculous! I mean, the weather- It started out as somewhat sunny at 7 AM which enable me to look stunningly movie-star like in my fabulous sunglasses (just kidding-) driving in to work. Then, of course, just as my husband and I were leaving for some super yummy sushi, it starts pouring buckets!!!

Seriously- I’ve had it… I need SUN, please, oh, please… SUN, WHERE ARE YOU???

So, needless to say, I am home at this very moment multi-tasking while peeking out of the window at never ending gloom :( Yes, I am sitting here knitting, blogging, website building, uploading photos, etc… etc… Any of you multi-taskers out there? Beat that- Ha!

I have a deadline to meet for two of my knitting projects, and when you don’t pay attention, the time flies by that much faster-

I am looking forward to the long weekend~