Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hmm… Patterns? What’s that???

I have to admit…
Until a few years ago, I absolutely despised reading patterns!

What? What was that? you may ask… for how can you call yourself a knitter if you despise reading patterns? It’s an absolutely asinine statement that it’s ludicrously unfunny :)

Okay, okay… Sheesh- there was (notice a past tense) a perfectly logical explanation for this fact. Remember a few postings ago when I told about having to learn the terminology and reading the patterns in the Korean Language? That has everything to do with “why” I couldn’t stand to read the patterns in English. I didn’t know the terminology in English let alone muster the courage to actually learn and memorize them.

Who has time for such things???

Knitting is about unleashing your own inner creativeness; not some chore you have to endure…

There, I’ve just divulged the truth that I was back then embarassed to admit, but now I openly tell my fellow knitters.

So, to get back to the subject of pattern reading, I simply did not.

Every time I knitted, I wrote my own patterns complete with my freehand design illustrations of what my creation is going to be. I envisioned the end product and kept on knitting.

I went on to knit for a few more years with my “perfect” method :) until I was good and ready to give this… this… uh… “pattern reading in English” a try~

After that, life was A-L-L good :D