Monday, June 7, 2010

Nothing like a good company to knit with~

I was just looking over a knitting book which my friend had left at my house for some time, now…

Hmm… it brings back memories as I thumb through the gorgeous patterns of vests for both men and women in all sorts of texture and colors.

Many winters ago, this friend of mine would come over every evening and we would knit and knit and knit. We both love coffee and tea so we’d make a fresh, hot pot of coffee with our favorite mugs in front of us and we’d knit. My family will eventually excuse themselves and go off to dream land, but we’d stay up long into the wee small hours of the morning chatting, laughing, discussing everything and anything there is to discuss under the sun… and most importantly, bonding- Ah… those truly were some good times! We carried on this way about 1 to 2 nights a week during the very cold winter months and never tired of it. She and I shared many projects, designs and were each other’s biggest knitting fans:)

After awhile, she complained of pain in her hands. It worsened and she no longer was able to knit with me. She still came over and kept me company for some time, still… but it just didn’t feel the same for me anymore and I felt that I was somehow being disloyal to her because she loved knitting just as much as I did if not more.

So, I put away my needles and we would just visit…

I miss those days knitting with my friend :(