I had just semi-finished a project which I am taking a break from just because I can’t decide if I want fabric, leather or knitted backing for my camera strap!  It will come to me, eventually..

In the meantime, I wanted to give myself a break and work with something I absolutely adore, love, dream of… LINEN!!!  Did I mention I love linen?

Linen reminds me of summer.  I wore a lot of linen in the summer growing up in New Mexico. Linen reminds me of the blazing sun, cool breezy starry nights and just simple elegance.

I just casted on and have a couple of ideas brewing as to how it will shape up.  The color is absolutely gorgeous!  Hmm… just have to get an awesome tan to compliment this awesome color, just making a mental note…




Come see where this gorgeous organic linen takes me~