Sunday, May 29, 2011

Time Flies…

Time definitely flies when you are having fun! Our family saw an OCT production yesterday and it was fantastic.

After that, my “boys” left me yet again… Actually, they wanted me to join them but I had to work a bit today so I declined the invitation. They went to Hood River for a fantabulous time with family and I went off to have some quality “girl time” with my long lost friend!

Our visit has been VERY LONG OVERDUE and it was wonderful to see one of my long lost girl friends:)

We started out with dinner at a lovely place where she’d never been, and when she walked in, she immediately fell in love with its atmosphere and of course the food. We took our time with dinner and then lingered for some time longer catching up on everything and anything there is to catch up on… mostly about our husbands and children… AND we also discussed the economy, investing, retirement, and our hobbies. It was refreshing to hold a conversation which weren’t limited to oh, say, what was the latest “brand name” item we shopped for, or how smart and well our children are doing in school and in every imaginable extra curricular activities they are overloaded with!

It was quite late, but neither of us wanted to end the great time we were having so we explored a little. There is a wine place I’ve always wanted to go to which is on the way to one of my favorite “yarn” shops. Why not venture out, right? We did just that :)

We got ourselves situated in a corner and ordered some wine~ Before we knew it, we were the only ones in the place. We had a quick peek at the wine cellar upstairs and I thought it would be nice to get a bottle for my husband and me to enjoy this long weekend before we have to go back to work on Tuesday. I splurged a little and walked out with a nice bottle of Pinot Noir… let’s just hope that it was a good year :)

My friend and I said our good-byes and we promised to get together more often. Just as she was leaving, she asked me if I’d be interested in teaching a knitting class at one of the Cultural Centers she frequents. It caught me by surprise, I told her to send me the details.

Hmm… I think my summer will be a very busy one.